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Voyages to Antiquity is modeled after but totally separate from Voyages of Discovery. Instead of sailing around the world, Voyages to Antquity focues on the Mediterranean and, in particular, the history of the Mediterranean.

What's so special? - The ship, Aegean Odyssey is small - fewer than 400 passengers. It is an older ship that has been extensively remodeled. The remodel included the addition of a number of comfortably spacious cabins - Categories A thru G are all 200 sq ft or more. Categories N thru H are more standard 130 sq ft.

The real attraction to this line is the emphasis they place on exploring the history and culture of the areas they visit. There is an extensive lecture program led by celebrated speakers who are carefully selected for their knowledge of the places visited and their ability to bring the history of these remarkable civilizations to life.

Among the other benefits that make Voyages to Antiquity special are:

For a better look at life on board, take a look at the video

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Summer Specials

Voyages to Antiquity is offering a number of  Mediterranean cruises this summer at 2 for 1 pricing and free (or heavily discounted) air.

Let us know if you are thinking about a cruise to Europe. We'll see what Voyages might have to offer.