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Voyages of Discovery is a special cruise line.  They have a single ship and it is what we call in the industry a "classic" ship which means it was built some time ago (actually it was once the "Island Princess - one of the original "Love Boats"). It has been fully renovated so it is both safe and comfortable, but it might look a little different if you are used to today's big modern ships.

What's so special? - even though their ship holds 600 passengers, it is more like a small ship (which we usually limit to no more than 300 passengers) because of their itineraries and their activities. As they say on their website - "It's all about discovering - places, people, wildlife and history." The emphasis is on the destination and not the ship. You are more likely to attend an evening lecture instead of a Vegas show. Much of the focus is on learning. There is a staff of experts in several disciplines on the ship and conducting shore excursions. Being a smaller ship, they go to ports often overlooked by the big ships so it is a favorite of travelers who have "been there and done that".

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Summer Specials

Voyages of Discovery is offering a number of European and Mediterranean cruises this summer at 2 fo 1 pricing and free (or heavily discounted) air.

Let us know if you are thinking about a cruise to Europe. We'll see what Voyages might have to offer.