Castle in Ireland

United Kingdom

England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland (well just Northern Ireland) make up the United Kingdom. It is part of Europe in many ways but seems like it deserves a separate section all its own.

Why go there? - it is more like us than anywhere else. Same language (well, almost), we can read the road signs (as we fly by on the left side of the street), and they have all kinds of history that is meaningful to us. There are good reasons to see the UK on an escorted tour but, if you want to go on your own, you have a better chance of managing things in the UK than in many locations.

Where to go? - If you were to ask a person visiting America for the first time where they are planning to go, you probably will hear the Statue of Liberty, Washingto DC, and maybe the Grand Canyon. To most of us, the UK means London - Big Ben, Tower of London, Changing of the Guard and those other spots that come so readily to mind. We don't encourage a new visitor to skip those sights, but we do suggest that you go a little further. There is so much to see and do in the countryside away from London - Oxford, Stratford on Avon, Bath, Bristol, and the Cotswolds all deserve some time.

What about activities? - since the language is not a barrier, it is easy to take part in festivals, tours, and local celebrations. There are organizations that specialize in putting together experiential trips that focus on an event - The Chelsea Flower Show, the Shakespeare Festival, or the Quilters Show.

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Special Interest Travel

One of our favorite tour organizations in England is a group that arranges small group tours that focus on particular interests - history, literature, gardens, and theatre.

Generally it is up to the traveler to come up with a group of like minded people. Here, in the Villages, we have so many groups (formed because of similar interests) that we should be able to form a group anround any speciality we want.