Singles Travel

There are several challenges associated with traveling as a single.

  1. There is often an extra charge - the single supplement.
  2. Some companies offer reduced or waived single supplements but how can you find them?
  3. You could avoid the supplement if you had a roommate but how do you find a compatible person who wants to go the same place (and a the same time) as you do?

In this section we will address each of these issues.

Single Supplements

While the general rule is that all cruise companies charge a supplement that varies between 150 and 200%, there are exceptions. Cruise companies may reduce or eliminate supplements on certain itineraries and a growing number of ships have a few cabins set aside for singles. The single cabin price is still higher (in most cases) than the couble price but it is often better that the standard supplement. Supplements with tour companies are often much less.

Here are some examples of singles bargains:

AMA Waterways - river cruises in Europe and Asia. Standard procedure is 150% of double occupancy rate but they are offering over 70 sailings in 2014 with waived single supplements - call for examples.

American Cruise Line - small ship line focused on river and coastal cruising in North America. Most of their ships have a few cabins set aside for singles. They are priced at about the double occupancy price for a mid level cabin.

Another near term option - on the American Queen (paddlewheel steamer on the Mississippi) all cabins Category C and under are half price for February and March 2014. That doesn't include single cabins but it does allow a single to sail for the standard double occupancy price.

Fred Olsen Cruise Lines - announced that are waiving single supplements on a number of their itineraries in 2014 and 2015. Fred Olsen has several ships that range from 3 ot 4 stars. The atmosphere on board is very British. They offer many more opportunities to dress up. Their most interesting itineraries are around the UK and into Scandanavia.

G Adventures - is an adventure travel company that also offers a number of cultural tours and small ship cruises. Each tour has a "My Own Room" price - if you want to travel as a single, you just ask for the own room price. Some examples - Western Balkans - 12 days - $2699 dbl - my own room add $699 (125%). Amazonriver adventure - 9 night cruise - $2499 - supplement $1499 (160%). Treasures of Italy - 14 days - $3699 plus $1799 (150%)

Globus - worldwide tours. Supplements vary by tour but are generlly in the 120% range.

Hurtigruten - cruise line specializing in Norway coastal cruising. They have waived single supplements for all cruises from Dec 13 to May 14, 2014.

Lindblad Special Expeditions (National Geographic) - worldwide expedition and cultural cruises - most of their ships have single cabins available - prices are about 115% of double occupancy.

Swan Hellenic - single 350 passenger ship that sails around Europe and Asia - standard supplement of 150% but many opportunities for waived supplements on short notice sailings.

Trafalgar Tours - worldwide tours - supplements vary by tour but are generally 115% to 130%.

Travel Dynamics Group - have two small ships - one stays in the Mediterranean and the other in North America (east coast) and Caribbean. Single supplement available in selected cabins for about 125% of the double rate.

Un-Cruise Adventures - has a fleet of 8 small ships that have itineraries in Alaska, Hawaii, Sea of Cortes, and Northwestern US. There are limited single cabins on most ships that are priced at about 125% of the lowest double occupancy rate.

Find a Roommate

There are basically two problems associated with finding a roommate.The first is to find someone who is interested in the same experience that you are and the other is to develop some comfort that you are compatible with that person.

Might there be other singles in the Villages looking for the same vacation you are interested in?

We would like to offer you a way to find out. If you will fill in the form below describing your dream vacation, we can enter a summary of your interests in our list below and invite those interested in the same thing to contact us. We can then facilitate a meeting between interested parties so you can determine if you would be comfortable traveling together.

Hints for completing the form:

My Next Trip

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Proposed Trips

The following descriptions are examples of trips suggested by individuals. If you find one that interests you, fill in the form below to respond. If it appears that both of you are compatible, we will facilitate a meeting (starting with a phone conversation) to help both of you decide if you would be good travel companions.

  1. Carolyn wants to go on a small ship cruise in Alaska.  She is an active senior looking forward to seeing and learning about the the Alaskan wilderness. The interest in a small ship comes from a desire to get close to the land and all it offers - might include hiking or kayaking. Also interested in the level of learning that comes with a small ship and the series of lectures from naturalists and historians. She is a non-smoker and tends to go to bed early and get up early.

    One of the best small ship companies in Alaska is Un-Cruise Adventures. They have both luxury and standard cruises. For an example of one of their many different itineraries CLICK HERE.
  2. Carol is really ready to travel. At the top of her list are trips to England, Scotland, Switzerland, and Spain. In second place would be a trip or cruise to Australia and New Zealand. She is getting older but still ready for the basic activity of the standard tour.
  3. Kate is interested in France especially Normandy Beaches. More interested in the countryside (Mont St. Michel, Rouen, Loire Valley, Carcassone, Fr. Riviera, Cap D"Antibes, Chartres, etc.) than in Paris. Travel Hint - most of these destinations could be visited from one of the wildly popular river cruises in France. If you combine the cruise on the Seine and Rhone, you can cover most of France only packing and unpacking twice.   Kate is 63, active, prefers early bed and early rise, likes to learn - prefers museums to night life everyday.

    I proposed to Kate that a river cruise might take her to many of the sites on her bucket list. To further explore this idea, I sent her a couple of examples of river cruises in France - you can see them here - CLICK HERE for Avalon Waterways and CLICK HERE for AMA Waterways.
  4. Katie also has a long bucket list - Panama Canal and tjhe Caribbean, railroad journey across Canada, visits to Austria, Russia, China, and New Zealand. She would like to get a chance to meet with locals and see their real world. Travel Tip - seeing the real Russia has become easier with the growth of Russian river cruising - it's a great way to get out of the big cities and meet the people in comfort. Touring China is less expensive than you might think and the whole trip is about the people their history and culture.   Katie is 65, ready for walking (but not hiking), enjoys historical sights but also happy to spend time on a quiet beach.
  5. Linda is interested in a European River Cruise. She is 67, non-smoker, social drinker, and pretty independant. Interested in meeting others, cultural education, seeing Europe, shopping, dining, etc. but want us each to be able to "follow our own program".
  6. Myra would like to take a river cruise to see the tulips in April 2015. Open to other river cruises and/or land tours.   Myra is and active 72 yr old and a new widow looking for a travel companion. Likes small ships (and large), 10 - 14 day trips, historical and adventure outings.
  7. Vicki - has bucket list items that include Athens and the Greek Islands and renting a villa in Italy. She has made many trips to Australia and New Zealand and is thinking to go again late this year. Her ideal roommate would be a non-smoker, would not snore (she is a light sleeper), and prefer a balcony cabin when cruising.

    Regarding Athens and the Greek Islands there are several small ship companies that offer some very interesting itineraries in this area - very much like being on your own yacht. If you would like to explore renting a villa, you can look at options all over the world by CLICKING HERE.
  8. Bonnie - has an interest in a tour of China. Her feeling is, if you going to go all that way, it should be a complete tour. Her interests include traditional Chinese gardens (she has one in her backyard). The particular itinerary Bonnie has chosen is 21 days including a Yangtze River cruise and is priced at $5940 per person double occupancy including air from Orlando. CLICK HERE to see the flyer.

    In addition to China, Bonnie is also interested in a European River cruise especially the Danube to see Prague, Vienna, and Budapest. Would also consider a European Christmas cruise.

    Bonnie is 65, loves cultural experiences and shopping. She is a tidy roommate and would like the same in her traveling companion. She is intellectually adventurous but allergic to strenous physical activity. She also values "peace and quiet time" - traveling companions should have some alone time.

I'm interested. Complete the form below to register your interest. Be sure to note the number of the vacation that interests you and add your comments about the particular vacation and any traits that are important to you when you think about a traveling companion.

I'm Interested

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Finding a Roommate

The simple way to avoid the extra charges associated with traveling as a single is to travel with another person. Sounds easy but is difficult in practice. First you have to find someone that wants to make the same trip you are thinking of and then you have to make yourself comfortable sharing space with a stranger. This section is all about solving this problem.


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