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Mexico is often thought of as just another beach destination. It does have wonderful beaches, beautiful hotels, and a tropical climate but offers so much more. The Copper Canyon - deeper than our Grand Canyon. Colonial history. Mayan history, a vibriant culture, and so many sights and activities that are miles from any beach..

Beaches - we tend to think most about the eastern coast of Mexico. It is closer to us and offers everything that any of the others do. Mexico is the place to go for All- Inclusives - the properties are spectacular, the prices are better, and there is more to do outside of your resort. All Inclusinve here means everything is included - drinks, meals, entertainment, and non-motorized water sports. The two resort areas closest to us are Cancun and Riveria Maya.

Cancun - looks a bit like Miami Beach - nice hotels and beach on one side of the street and shopping malls, restaurants and night spots on the other side. The hotels are sitting right next to one another. You would choose to stay in Cancun first for the nightlife and second if you are uncomfortable being too far from an Applebys.

Riveria Maya - is a carefully planned resort community. Generally resorts are a mile or two apart - when you walk out on your resort's beach you won't bump into someone from the neighboring resort. Considering the separation, the resorts need to be more self contained. Each resort has it's own selection of restaurants, bars and entertainment. Many of the hotels are spectacular - large rooms, excellent dining, and lots to do.

The hotels in this area are close to many other attractions and often have transportation (sometimes free) to take guests to visit some of them. There are several eco-parks to visit as well as one of the well recognized Mayan ruins at Tulum which is right on the water. There is a nearby town called Playa del Carmen which is worth a trip - some really nice shops are located there (along with a whole bunch of tourist traps).

Colonial Cities - there are many towns both large and small that celebrate their Spanish Colonial heritage. A favorite of our is Cuernavaca which is close to Mexico City. There are several small hotels there that are just great places ot stay - one of them includes a first class spa. There are many trips that can be taken in the area that will expose you to the old Mexico - the mummies kept in the 400 year old church, the farmers market in a small town on a Saturday, or the ancient pyramid built on top of a mountain (how did they get all those stones up there?).  You can take a gondola ride on Sunday in the canals outside of Mexico City or take a trip to the ancient silver town of Tasco to pick up some hand worked silver jewelry.

These experiences exist all over the country. Each town has a history, it's own special architecture, and many things in the vicinity to see and experience.

Other Beach Locations - there are many more areas around the country very similar to Cancun and Riviera Maya - most of them on the West Coast. Well known locations like Acapulco or Cabo san Lucas and lesser known (or newer) spots like Mazatlan, Ixtapa, and Puerto Vallarta. All of them are similar but each has particular activities or attractions that make it special.

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Something Special

There is a spectacular train ride that hugs the rim of the Copper Canyon in Western Mexico. The scenary rivals our Grand Canyon and there are opportunities to visit with the indians that live along the canyon whose life style hasn't changed much in the last 200 years.

Tours include the opportunity to get off the train and spend the night (or two) at a canyonside inn.

Villa Vacations

Mexico is a great place to rent a villa for a family reunion or a get away with a few friends. Puerto Vallarta is a particular attractive spot and most of their villas come with a staff for prices that are amazingly low. Take a look at the options.