Holland  America  LineHolland America ship at sunset

Holland is one of our favorite cruise lines.  Why?

Premium line - in our page describing the cruise industry, we pointed out the differences between mass market, premium and luxury cruise lines.  Holland is a premium line with the atmosphere and service we expect from the premium market.

Space - Holland ships are what we would class today as mid-size (1200 to 2000 passengers) but the space we appreciate is public space on the ship.  You want a quiet spot to read a book, there are plenty of spots to choose from.

Price - most of the time, the price difference between premium and mass market lines is not that great.  If you can have service and amenities that come close to luxury lines at a price not that much greater than a mass market line, then why not take advantage of it.

Atmosphere - is a more subtle concept - it is brass and teak, subdued colors (instead of neon bright), a string quartet (instead of a reggae band), and lots of quiet spots to get away.


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Holland's Website

Our CRUISE FINDER is a great way to find and compare cruises but if you would prefer direct access to Holland's site just


View and Verandah

Holland is repeating a successful promotion from last year that offered Verandah staterooms at 45% or more discounts on selected cruises.  It's a great opportunity to experience the luxury of a balcony at an oceanview cabin price.