Great American Steamboat Cruises

Great American Steamboat Company is new to the world of US cruises. They have refurbished The American Queen which was one of the ships that used to sail the Mississippi and Ohio rivers until the company that operated them went bankrupt several years ago.

Sailing aboard the American Queen is a true return to the turn-of-the-century heyday of paddlewheel river boats. The decor is authentic and the atmosphere will take you back in time to those earlier, slower times when steamboats were the fastest way to travel.

To make the river boating experience even greater, there are many theme cruises to choose from. Civil War themes are particularly popular but there are Fall Foliage trips, music cruises (everything from oldies to Big Bands), Holiday cruises, a Kentucky Derby trip, and more.

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Relive the Civil War  

One of the best of the many theme cruises offered by Great American Steamboat Company is their series on the Civil War. Ports of call feature some of the most famous battlefields of the war. On board, there are lecturers and Civil War reinactors who bring the program to life.