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We have been using Globus Tours for many years. While there are many others in the same niche, Globus has seemed to us to offer a better value and they are very reliable and consistent.  We never get complaints from anyone we send to them.

Globus is really four companies rolled into one.

Globus - itself is the original (started in 1927) organization. They are a mass market company with tours all over the world.

Cosmos - is the budget tour group.

Monograms - handles city stays and self guided tours.

Avalon - is the river cruise division. Really belongs with the small ship cruises.

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 Time to tour Europe?

One of the consequences of the economic meltdown we have experienced is that prices for travel in Europe are lower than they have been for several years.

Globus is offering excellent packages including air that starts at under $500.

If you have been wanting to make a visit to Europe, let us put together a quote for you.