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The other sections of this website have focused ontypes of travel. Another option is just to pick a place and go. This sort of trip often consists of air, car, and hotel. Maybe you want to go to New York to see a play, the mountains to go skiing, or just get away to a quiet beach to relax in the sun.

Arranging destination trips - the most common example of a destination trip is a resort getaway. What are the issues you want to think about (or you want your agent to consider).  First is just the transportation there and back - usually a plane ticket. Next is how are you going to get around while you are there. Do you need a car? What about a transfer from the airport? The biggest issue is where are you going to stay. What will it cost? What is the condition of the property - recently rennovated or in need of work? What about location - what's around the hotel - if you are on a beach and you want to snorkel, is it a good spot? Finally, what are you going to do while you are there? Are there activities, restaurants, or night clubs at the hotel? How are you going to get to the play you would like to see? What about deep sea fishing or a trip to a castle - easy to arrange?

Agents Responsibilities - our job is to listen to you describe what you are expecting from a trip and then use our knowledge to make recommendations and arrangements that will make you happy. The other part of our job it to get to know the destinations we recommend by either visiting them or participating in destination study programs. We are specialists in Canada, Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska, and most of Europe including the United Kingdom.

Where can we send you - the answer is almost anywhere. Because this sort of travel leaves a lot to you, we don't recommend it for exotic locations where you have never been and can't speak the language. Some of the larger tour operators and some smaller companies offer sort of a cross between an escorted tour and "on your own" stay. They will put together a package that includes air, car and hotel (as well as a selection of activities - think shore excursions) in a location of your choice. They will have a representative in the city or resort you choose who will act as a concierge - helping you find a restaurant or the best place to shop. They will also have local tour guides that will pick you up at your hotel for a day tour. This can be a nice alternative to doing everything on your own.

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It's fun but can also be a lot of work to research a destination - where to stay, what to do, how to get around. We spend a lot of time doing that sort of research either on our own or through various training programs.

We are more than happy to share what we know with you even if your interest is casual. I think that people considering some sort of travel hesitate calling (or e-mailing) an agent for two reasons - 1) they don't want to be a bother or 2) they are concerned about being exposed to some  high pressure sales tactics.

We enjoy talking about travel and we certainly are not out to put pressure on you to buy something. Give us a call - we are available any time.