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There is no doubt that cruises in the Villages are a popular travel option. We are the perfect demographic: active adults, available time (since most of us are retired), and, for the most part, blessed with discretionary funds. We are in a perfect place: we can easily drive to 5 ports. And, we have no end of friends and neighbors to travel with us.

Deciding on a Cruise

The decisions that have to be made before you cruise are choosing a cruise line, a ship from that company, and a cruise destination. It is our business and responsibility to help you make those choices. Some of the information we use is included on the page titled "Cruise Industry".

We call on our experiences from our many cruises and our constant training sessions with cruise companies to help our clients choose from among the many options. It is also important to get to know you - what you like and what you expect from a cruise experience - so that we can recommend the proper combination of company, ship and destination.

Focus on Value

Did you know that only 20% of Americans have ever taken a cruise? That is a surprisingly small number when you consider the vacation value a cruise offers. For one price you have a place to stay that brings you to a new destination every day, includes all of your meals, and a wide selection of entertainment. When you compare a cruise, dollar for dollar, with almost any other form of travel with similar ammenties, the cruise wins hands down.

Are you part of the 80% that hasn't cruised before? We are happy to discuss the cruise option candidly. We have met people who don't fit the cruise model no matter what the value. We know others who have thanked us repeatedly for helping them over their concerns.

Are you part of the 20% looking to plan your 27th cruise? Let us help - it is not uncommon that we have some excellent bargains available for the most seasoned travelers.

Additional Information

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