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Celebrity Cruises is another favorite of ours for many of the same reasons that make Holland a favorite.

Premium line - service and ammenities that approximate a luxury line at prices that are just a little more than mass market lines.

Ships - all of their ships (save one - The Solstice) are under 2000 passenger capacity.  Solstice is about 2800 passengers. Their ships consistently win awards in the various passenger polls - Conde Nast being the largest and most prestigious.

Celebrity Life - is an enrichment series offered on many of Celebriltiy's sailings that allow passengers to take part in a variety of programs - the Savor series that features food and wine, the Discover Series that includes dance lessons, scrapbooking, enrichment with lectures on history, art and architecture, culture and the natural envirionment and finally the digiTal series that focuses on high tech programs including learning a language, managing your iPod, and improving your internet skills.

Food and service - Celebrity has won many awards for the quality of their service and the excellence of their food.  Gourmet food and a week of pampering can turn a nice cruise into a memorable experience.

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Life Onboard

Traditional cruises have depended on a tried and true formula for amusement while you are on board the ship. Food, casino, and shows with a sprinkling of other activities like bingo and belly flop contests.

Among the premium lines there is a new commitment to a wide variety of other activities.  Celebrity is among the leaders for the number and variety of activities offered. There are lectures and classes on many different topics. One of the most interesting is the Stargazer series - participants can learn about astronomy, telescopes, even celestial navigation.