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Judy and I have been travel agents in the Villages since 2006.  In talking with many different people about travel we heard one request more often than any other - "can you arrange short trips from the Villages?"

We do have a wide selection of day trips from here but only a few longer trips (1 to 5 nights) and those were mostly arranged for specific groups and not available to everyone.

US Tours - is an organization located in West Virginia that we met at a travel show. Their business, for many years, has been arranging custom motor-coach trips for groups all over the country. When we talked about our situation in the Villages with over 1400 clubs and groups and a population of close to 80,000 55+ active adults, they were very interested in offering their services here. We have formed a partnership to provide trips for Villagers.

Scheduled trips - In order to demonstrate what can be done, we created a series of speculative trips that we offered to Villagers in 2010. They were advertised in the paper and on our website. A number of them were well supported but just as many did not attract enough attention to warrant a bus. Since 2010 we have stopped the speculative trips - it just wasn't comfortable to have to cancel trips that 10 or 15 people had committed to.

Custom trips - the real beauty of what we can do is create a trip specifically for a group. If you belong to a neighborhood social group and you would like to get away together for a few days, you don't have to restrict yourself to the available trips - you can, with our help, create something from scratch or take one of our scheduled trips and make changes to the date, the activities, or even the price.

Even more important, for those groups with a special interest (birdwatching, classical music, gardens, etc.) we can create a trip that focuses on their particular interests. You get all the fun of traveling together and participating in the activities that you enjoy.

Trip characteristics - I think many people have an opinion about "bus tours" that is less than favorable. It is not uncommon to go on a tour and find that the bus is less than first class or the hotel is actually a budget spot located by the highway overpass and the food is all roadside buffets. US Tours believes that the best way to attract people and make them happy is to design first class trips. We stay in first class hotels in good locations (downtown, on the beach, etc.) and have at least a few meals in interesting restaurants. Our activities are carefully chosen to be interesting experiences. Of course, when we are designing a custom trip and the organization wants to save money, we can simplify the process and step back from the first class orientation.

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Interested in a tour?

If you have an idea for a group, just contact us with your thoughts. We will design a tour to your specifications and interests, develop the itinerary, price it, and provide you with a flyer that you can use to introduce the tour to your group. We are also happy to come to your meeting to explain the details and help you sign up participants. We will also advertise the tour on our website and in the paper (assuming you are wanting to open the group to others).