Small Group Tours with Back-Roads Touring

We have always been interested in travel in small groups. Our small ship website has been around for years.

There are a few small group tour companies but they are generally quite expensive (as are many small ship cruise companies).

There is one company that has been in business for over 25 years in England and they have a formula for small groups at reasonable prices that we think is just about perfect. The companies name is Back-Roads Touring and the video below is a great introduction to what they do and how they do it:

In summary, some of the advantages of what they do are:

Destinations - as an English company, they have lots of options in England, Ireland, and Scotland. They also offer a number of itineraries in France, Spain, Italy, and Croatia. They have recently expanded into Greece, Turkey, and Scandanavia.

All of their tours emphasize the back roads (clever that they include that in their name). They begin in big cities (London, Paris, Dublin, Barcelona, Rome) but immediately head for the back roads and small towns. In England there are itineraries focused on Cornwall, Wales, or the Cotswolds. Similar delightfully different options await in the other destinations.

Prices - in general small group tours are more expensive than large group tours but not by much. It is also true that their single supplements are comparatively very low making their tours especially interesting to single travelers.

Examples - here are a few examples of tours with itinerary details and prices.

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 Time to tour Europe?

One of the consequences of the economic meltdown we have experienced is that prices for travel in Europe are lower than they have been for several years.

Back-Roads Touring has several discounted itineraries - especially in France for this summer and fall.

If you have been wanting to make a visit to Europe, let us put together a quote for you.