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American Cruise Line is an American company that sails ships built in America in mostly American waters which makes the company pretty unique. They concentrate on the Eastern Seaboard with a few stops in Canada's Maritime Provinces.

Ships - all of their ships hold 100 passengers and all have very large cabins (compared to other cruise ships both large and small). They have added a brand new paddlewheel steamship to their fleet which will be sailing the American rivers. They also have another steamship out west on the Columbia and Snake rivers and they have just moved one of their East Coast ships out west to cruise Alaska's Inside Passage.

Itineraries - as with most small ships, they stay pretty close to land. Some trips take them up the rivers along the East Coast - the Hudson and all the way up the Chesapeake Bay and, in the south, the intracoastal waterways around Savannah and Charleston. They do venture out into the ocean to explore the New England Islands and go as far as Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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Lobester fest

Every summer, when they are sailing in New England, they feature multiple lobster dinners (reserved as a special treat on large ships). In addition to having a chance to eat your fill, you  will also learn how lobesters are caught and brought to market.